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Experimental Electronic Music
and Visual Arts Festival/
La Farinera del Clot

The fifth annual festival of experimental electronic music and visual arts organized by the platform Störung will start next Wednesday 21st of April offering us, during four days, the performances of outstanding national and international artists of the electronic and experimental scene./
Störung Festival 5.0 features, besides the performances of the invited artists, a cycle of conferences, a permanent screening of audiovisual works in the exhibition room, and a thematic day on Friday 23rd of April titled 'Hydrophonia', dedicated exclusively to subaquatic sounds./
With this program the festival wants to offer the audience the chance of getting to know in detail different tendencies of the electronic music scene, continuing the work that the multidisciplinary platform Störung has been doing since 2006./
Störung's aim, in short, is to promote and support a variety of creative tendencies of the electronic music field, providing live performances, radio programs, and records, to enable the audience to hear and enjoy these musical and artistic tendencies.


Conferences/ Live Performances/
Wednesday 21st Biosphere (NO)
Thursday 22nd
  1. Aleix Artigal (ES)
  2. Kim Cascone (US/IT)
  3. Zígor López (ES)
  1. Frank Bretschneider (GE)
  2. (IT)
  3. T.Chrysakis (GR) & D.Bernal-Villegas (MX) & W.Matthews (US)
Friday 23rd
  1. Juan Matos-Capote (ES)
  2. Emiliano Zelada (IT)
  1. Kim Cascone (US/IT)
  2. Tomoko Sauvage (JP)
  3. Emiliano Zelada (IT)
  4. Juan Matos-Capote (ES)
Saturday 24th
  1. Aleix Fernández (ES)
  2. M.Giri & A.Cipriani (IT)
  1. Asférico (ES) & Reparto Caribe (AR/CU/ES/VE)
  2. D. Cortese & C. Fisher & S. Zatti (IT)
Full pass*

From Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th
  1. John Cage (US) & Nam June Paik (KO)
  2. Stephen Beck (US)
  3. Stan VanDerBeek (US)
  4. Zimoun (CH)
  5. D-Fuse (UK)
  6. Aleix Fernández + Asférico (ES)

*Online tickets can not be purchased the same day, but can be purchased at La Farinera del Clot ticket office. Entrance and full pass give the right to access all activities in the festival.
With the purchase of the of the full pass you will participate in a price draw of a licence of Ableton Live 8 Suite, a licence of Ableton Live 8 and a licence of Max For Live, all of which will be drawed on the April 24th.
With the purchase of the full pass or the entrance of the April 23rd you will participate in a price draw of an Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR-9 hydrophone and their adaptors, which will be drawed on the April 23rd.

Wednesday 21st: Biosphere


Geir Jenssen, more known as Biosphere, is a Norwegian musician based in Tronsø, in the Arctic Circle, and one of the most distinguished artists from the electronic music scene.

His first publication in solitary, Microgravity (1991), made him one of the pioneers of ambient music. This work was followed by three acclaimed works that forged unique arctic atmospheres: Patashnik, which marks the beginning of a reduction of the rhythmic structures, Insomnia and Substrata.

In the decade of 2000 Biosphere continues the minimalist turn begun with Substrata and publishes Cirque, Substrata 2, Shenzhou, Autour de la Lune, and Dropsonde. His last production, Cho Oyu 8201m (2007), gathers field recordings during his ascension to this mountain of the Himalayas.


From 18:00h. onwards
From 19:00h. until closedown
Live Performances/
From 21:00h. onwards

Limited capacity.


La Farinera del Clot
Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 837
Metro: Glóries (L1)
Bus: 62, 92, 7, 56, 60, N2
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