Experimental Electronic Music
and Visual Arts Festival
La Farinera del Clot & Convent de Sant Agustí

The sixth festival of experimental electronic music and visual arts organized by the platform Störung will start next Thursday 14th of April offering us, during three days, the performances of outstanding national and international artists of the electronic and experimental scene.

This festival wants to offer the audience the chance of getting to know in detail different tendencies of the electronic music scene, continuing the work that the multidisciplinary platform Störung has been doing since 2006.

On the 12th of March the program of the event was officially presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) and was followed by the audiovisual performance of Francisco López: one of great artists related to this project.

La Farinera del Clot
Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 837
Metro: Glóries (L1)
Bus: 62, 92, 56, 60, N2
See map
Convent de Sant Agustí
Comerç, 36
Metro: Arc del Triomf (L1), Jaume I (L4)
Bus: 14, 39, 40, 41, 42, 51, 120, N11
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Date Workshop Price
Thursday 14th
From 10am to 7pm
La Farinera del Clot
Circuit Bending
by Juan Matos (ES)
Date Conferences Diffusion Screening Performances Price
Thursday 14th
La Farinera del Clot
Broken, Bent
and Mutilated
Störung DVD
(parte 1)
Friday 15th
La Farinera del Clot
Friday 15th
La Farinera del Clot
Dark Atmospheric Störung DVD
(parte 2)
Saturday 16th
Convent S. Agustí
Full pass*
Date Sound Installation Price
From Thursday 14th
to Saturday 16th
from 12pm to 6pm
Convent S. Agustí
Free entrance
Asmus Tietchens
Performance: Asmus Tietchens

Asmus Tietchens (b. 1947, Hamburg), also known by the monikers Hematic Sunsets and Club of Rome, is one of the most prestigious sound artists in Germany.

He started to compose electro-acoustic music in the sixties, experimenting with tape recorders, tapeloops and synthesizers. In 1984 he publishes "Former letzter Hausmusik", where Tietchens’ real interest starts to appear: modifying sounds until they are unrecognizable and placing them in their adequate relationships with other sounds, following what the sounds themselves require. The final composition tries then to reflect the nature of the materials. Tietchens has used several sources to carry out this proposal; water, human voices and old tape recorders. Since 2000 Tietchens has worked again with synthesizers, but only as a source of sounds.

In his extensive discography he has recorded more than 50 LPs and CDs for numerous labels from around the world (Nurse With Wounds United Dairies, Sky Records, Störung, Mille Plateaux Ritornell, Staalplaat, Selektion, to name a few). Asmus Tietchens will publish in 2011 a new album, entitled Soirée, on Richard Cartier’s Label.

*Online tickets can not be purchased the same day, but can be purchased at the ticket office. Full pass give the right to access all activities in the festival but not the circuit bending workshop.

With the purchase of the of the full pass or the workshop you will participate in a price draw of a licence of Longcat H3D, which will be drawed on the April 16th.

Available for limited time only: you can book the live audio recordings of the Störung Festival 6 performances here.